Closing the bones

A spiritual celebration of the new mother and how amazing her body has been, to birth and continue to care for the new baby. This is performed in the home with either just the mother or a group of female friends and relatives. If the birth has not been as expected, this can also include a rebirth, just with the mother and her birth partner – a truly healing experience for both.

Rene enabled me to feel so cared for, nurtured and allowed me to take some time to appreciate how much wonder had been created though my body and mind. I was free to feel incredibly proud of myself! During the ceremony her gentle words and strong but supportive hands enveloped me as she wrapped me like a mummy! Rene allowed me to have the time and space to process not only the beautiful birth I had recently had under her care but also to process a rather challenging pregnancy, and now celebrate this stunning baby boy that was a part of our family.
It was emotional, a release, and I believe an incredibly important part of my recovery in the early weeks after giving birth. Rene recognises the importance in such a tradition and honours it with respect, love and care.
– Luise


Postnatal healing

For women who have experienced traumatic births, or who are grieving a birth that unfolded in an unexpected way, I offer a 3 Step Rewind Technique and also Rebirth Rituals. Please contact me for more information so that we can create a bespoke way to help you heal.


Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies are very gentle and safe for both you and your baby. They can help in many ways for those problems that can sometimes be very difficult to treat. They can help you and your baby recover from a stressful birth, with breastfeeding issues, low milk supply, piles, healing from stitches, low mood, dealing with birth outcomes that were not expected, healing from caesarean section and instrumental delivery, and much more.

They can be taken by mum, or baby, or if you are breastfeeding mum can take them which will then treat baby.
Above all homeopathy is a very individualised medicine and needs to be discussed for you and your baby’s unique needs.


My little boy George was born 5 weeks early by emergency c-section, despite home birth plans. After his birth, Hollie de Cruz passed on the remedy you made for her (very similar situation to mine) . I’m pretty convinced that had it not been for your remedy and the 4 weeks I gave myself in bed with George that I would’ve been mentally very negatively affected by my experience. As it is I have felt pretty bloody great and I wanted to say a huge thanks! – Hannah


Placenta encapsulation

I am a fully qualified specialist, providing you with a kit and instructions for your care giver at 36 weeks to keep your placenta in the best condition. You then have choices of what you would like to choose to make from your placenta. Steamed or raw capsules. A Smoothie, Tincture, Essence or homeopathic remedies from your placenta, umbilical cord and breast milk. Prices start at £200 and the service is offered within a 40 mile radius of Northwich, Cheshire. Please contact me for more information and a booking form.

I occasionally pop some when I’m feeling like my supply isn’t as full or if it’s been a stressful day and they certainly pick me up. – Jess