Birth preparation


Antenatal classes in groups of up to four couples, offered bi-monthly in a variety of venues. The course is six hours in total and covers the mechanism of the hormones of birth and how you and your partner can work together to get the best possible outcomes. The six hours maybe 3 x two hours, over three evenings or 2 x three hours over one weekend.


Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal programme that offers you a deep state of relaxation with a heightened state of mental awareness, in which your body can birth your baby more comfortably and with greater ease. During your hypnobirthing classes you will learn the physiology of birth, the hormones of birth, and how these elements can work harmoniously through breathing and deep relaxation techniques. It also values the role of the birth partner, so that you approach the birth of your baby as a confident and competent team. Classes can be arranged one to one or in a group with downloadable MP3’s to support you every day.

For dates, availabilty and pricing, or to book, please contact me.

Traumatic birth recovery


I offer parents a gentle, effective three-step process that aims to lift the heavy, unhelpful emotions and anxiety that are attached to the memory of their birth. The aim is that parents are then free to experience peace of mind without any fear or anxiety being triggered on a daily basis.

The “3 Step Rewind” that I practice guides a person towards their own natural healing state. A treatment plan would typically look like this:

Session 1/Step 1 – 90 minutes:

Session 2/Step 2 – 60 minutes:

Session 3/Step 3 – 60 minutes:

Each session is £80 and can be done by zoom or WhatsApp video or it can be arranged in person either in my home or a yours within 40 mins of Northwich, Cheshire. Please contact me to arrange an appointment.


Mother blessings

A spiritual, rather than commercial celebration of the new mother to be. These blessings can be tailored to the needs and wishes of the individual and will vary in cost depending on your requirements. Please contact me for more information.

Special mention about Rene’s proactive zeal in helping us with the mother blessing function we held! – Rajesh


Independent midwifery care

I offer a number of bespoke packages, all of which include a free consultation to discuss your options and choices.

Antenatal one-off appointments: £180.00
These can be used to discuss options if you are staying within the NHS, or as a top-up to your NHS care.

Full care package: £6,200.00
This includes approximately 10 antenatal appointments, labour and home birth care, or early labour and birth support in hospital – I cannot work in hospital due to insurance. It also includes approximately 10 postnatal appointments in the 4–6 weeks postnatal period. I am on-call for you (during office hours) or 24/7 for emergencies from the time of booking to the time of discharge. If you have to attend hospital appointments for consultation with a doctor/consultant midwife I may accompany you, but this does not include routine scans or NHS midwife appointments.

Postnatal one-off appointments: £130.00–£180.00
NIPE £250.00–£300.00

Bespoke packages can be established to suit your choices, but I do not offer birth support alone.