I just want to say the biggest Thank you possible to Rene! After having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis at the age of 18 it seemed as though it was something that I was going to always have to live with. I would always try to remain positive and try not to let it take over my life but at times it would which made it so difficult for me to live what you would consider a normal life. I had been admitted to hospital more than once and whenever I had a bad flare up I was always prescribed strong medication that had a long list of side effects. When I first began my treatment with Rene I was experiencing one of my worst flare ups in years due to a stressful situation going on in my private life. Within one week of being treated I had no symptoms of ulcerative colitis what so ever! Had I seen my hospital consultant I think he may have even admitted me again, so I’m glad I saw Rene instead because she’s a miracle worker! I feel so grateful everyday that since that week now 9 months ago, I have had no symptoms at all! I am healthy and strong, I continue to see Rene and we stay up to date with any remedies I should be taking. My life has changed so much, I’m currently in training for the 3 peaks challenge something I would never had been able to commit to before having treatment with Rene. I would highly recommended to anybody thinking of having homeopathic treatment to go for it, I will never look back! Thank you Rene!