“Rene was our primary midwife as part of the neighbourhood midwife service and we couldn’t be happier to have her throughout our pregnancy journey. She is very professional and at the same time extremely caring and provides the emotional and scientific support that’s needed during pregnancy. Her record of overseeing pregnancies speaks for itself so all we can say is that during my wife’s pregnancy she was an absolute godsend. She has this amazing ability to keep calm under pressure, listen attentively and provide impartial feedback that greatly helped me and my wife in our pregnancy journey. She displayed great attention to detail, is very methodical and combines practicality with theory very well. Special mention about her proactive zeal in helping us with the baby blessing function we held!!
There are so many positive aspects to say about Rene that it will be impossible to pen each attribute. All we can say is that for a couple who are looking to have a guide during their pregnancy, Rene is absolutely great to have. She will always be there when needed and her experience coupled with her calm demeanor is priceless. Very happy to recommend Rene and certainly we were lucky to have her by our side during the birth of our first baby!”