Natalie says…..

Finding Rene was the best thing for our families pregnancy, birth and beyond. We were very sure of what we wanted to create and what we didn’t want to get “into” and Rene supported and guided us through this with her knowledge and experience and non judgemental midwifery mentoring. She offered us exactly what we wanted from our pre natal home visits – we built a great relationship whilst sipping tea and learning about each other, she took my bloods in the comfort of my home as I was avoiding hospital contact, and continually assured us that all was well as the body and baby know best. She advised books to read & midwifery podcasts so we were best informed on our specific challenges. Although they were no longer issues with Rene, where we would have felt they were under the usual care. We had no scans throughout the pregnancy and although this made things a touch muddy for Rene as she had no hard evidence of where our placenta was & the development of the baby, she never conveyed any worry or concern and let us carve out our journey. Supporting us. It was the most relaxed pregnancy in terms of not visiting clinics, sitting in waiting rooms, no partners aloud due to covid policies etc, no negative opinions from Drs or consultants. Our little girl was present in many visits and Rene sweetly invited her to listen the babies heart beat and described what she was doing the check up. We all grew to know Rene. We were all comfortable with her presence, reassured and comforted. So by the time the birth came, she was naturally a precious part of the experience. Rene had sent through mp3s of Hypnobirthing and affirmations which were great nightly listens. When the time came to birth our baby at home, Rene was there in just moments. I felt safe. I had my husband and Rene there and they were all I needed. She let us lead and was gently there to offer words of advice, check the heart beat and offer homeopathic remedies when needed. When I think back at how she empowered us, so it felt like our birth, so we owned it, it brings me to tears. She didn’t dictate, or lead, she let us be us and she was there, like a protective blanket. Once Otto was with us she tucked us into bed and quietly went off to check the placenta and tidy up. In a couple of hours she was happy to leave us to it and get some rest. It was a dream. And we have her to thank for it.