My name is Rene Bozier and I am an experienced Private Midwife and Homeopath, specialising in women’s health and family wellness.

I had my first daughter at 21. I had been made redundant while I was pregnant so this gave me the opportunity to do whatever I wanted – I had to earn money. I started in adult education making soft furnishings. My neighbour was the teacher and the class had a crèche, so it was perfect. She felt I really had a skill, so I would help her with private curtain projects, and started to earn some money from it. I took this further by doing my City and Guilds Level 1 and Teacher Training, so when my neighbour stopped teaching, I took over. I ran a very successful soft furnishing business, had 3 more children, went onto Level 2 (and gained the 2nd best in the country for soft furnishing!), then felt there had to be something else.

When my daughter had her son at 18, I was with her and decided I wanted to be a midwife. I love learning so it was my next step. I chose to became an Independent Midwife because I loved the individualised care I could give to women and their families this way. I am a fully insured Private Midwife specialising in home births and take so much joy in looking after women throughout their childbearing years. I provide full continuity of care during this time, which research has proved many times over, gives better outcomes for both mother and baby.

My statistics show high level of normality even for those who are not necessarily low-risk women. The care includes regular antenatal appointments in your own home, early labour support, birth support and 4–6 weeks postnatal care.

Along the way, I have acquired many extra skills to aid the care I give. I am able to complete the Newborn Exam (NIPE) required within 72 hours of birth, so  unlike with many Independent Midwives, you wouldn’t have to go to hospital to have this done if you’d had a home birth. Extra skills and services include birth preparation classes, Hypnobirthing, Placenta encapsulation, Birth Trauma Rewind technique, Mother Blessings and Closing the Bones.

I am also a fully insured licenced homeopath; I use this alongside the midwifery, but also for the rest of the family – it can be really useful for children and dads too. I also offer flower remedies as required. I run a homeopathy clinic in my home, but most appointments are via Zoom, WhatsApp video or telephone. I found homeopathy to be a gentle and safe treatment that can become so useful during pregnancy, birth and postnatally, and from there I decided to increase my knowledge to include more ways to help and support your whole family.

I have 4 children, 3 step children, 17 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild! Oh, and a dog. I have also just written a chapter in a book (as if I didn’t have enough to do!) that covers my journey to where I am now. It’s called When the Goddess Calls Vol 2. and is available to buy or download on Amazon.