What is an Private Midwife?

A fully qualified, regulated, registered and insured midwife who works outside of the NHS system. You are given up to date research/information on any issues that arise. You can then make up your own mind on what aspect of any care you would or would not like to take up – for example, induction of labour.

An expectant couple would decide to have extra support to accompany the NHS care or to opt out of the NHS system completely for whatever reason. Having an Private Midwife guarantees you will have continuity of care, you will have the same midwife throughout, and you will also meet your second midwife.

You have your regular antenatal visits at home, or your chosen place, at a time that is convenient to you. She will also be available to you 24/7 in an emergency via telephone or to answer those ‘silly little questions’ (that are not silly at all), at a reasonable time via email or text.

If I use an Private Midwife, do I have to have a home birth?

If you choose an Private Midwife (PM), you do not have to have a homebirth. Many couples choose a PM because they want to have the best chance of a home birth, and many NHS areas have withdrawn their home birth service because of staffing issues (this has been known to be withdrawn during labour too, expecting mum to come to hospital as no midwife is available for them).

How can an Private Midwife support me in hospital?

With an PM you get to know your midwife and she knows you. If you have chosen to, or have a medical issue that requires a hospital birth, she will accompany you and stay with you to offer advocacy and support. PMs do not work in the hospital but are there to answer your questions, encourage you, and translate what may be being offered to you. She will know your birth plan and do her very best to get it as close as possible. Obviously it is not guaranteed as birth is an unknown and things change. This is the time your PM becomes invaluable to help you understand what is happening and why.

Am I opting out of NHS care?

No. You have choices. Most women will have a booking appointment, scans and blood tests in the NHS with the rest of her antenatal care with her Private Midwife. There is always the option to go back into the system if a problem is found with the pregnancy, then the Private midwife would accompany you to those appointments with the Consultant. You also have the choice to do all of the scans and blood tests privately (at an extra cost), or you may choose to not have them at all.

What is Homeopathy?

It is an energy medicine, working by triggering your body to heal itself. Each person is an individual so the required remedy is as individual as you are. Acute prescribing for example a wasp sting or a cut finger would usually be the same remedy for each person. Chronic prescribing is very different; I would take a detailed history with timeline of life events. Then with each appointment usually lasting 30–60 minutes we work through presenting complaints. It is a very useful for emotional and chronic complaints.

What kind of things can homeopathy treat?

Acute – (things that happen fast) – shock after a car accident, colds, flu, piles, cuts, indigestion, sore throats, headaches, earache, sickness, etc.
Chronic – (things that have been going on for a long time) – headaches, recurring tonsillitis, eczema, sleep issues, PCOS, UTIs, depression, etc.

What will be I asked during my case history?

During a case history, I will ask about the background of you and family. It is a holistic appointment, so the more details you provide the closer the remedy-fit to your particular issue. Also an in depth description of your particular complaint, and its causes. It is all confidential and kept in a locked metal filing cabinet.

Can Homeopathy treat emotional difficulties as well as physical ones?

Homeopathy is particularly good for emotional problems. We believe that almost all issues stem from the emotional, which is why we take a detailed history and timeline.

Is Homeopathy safe to use on children?

Yes, homeopathy is very safe to use on children.

Does homeopathic medicine have negative side effects?

Homeopathy does not have any negative side effects. If it is the wrong remedy it does nothing. If it is the right remedy it can be miraculous.