Homeopathy is a form of energy medicine, working by triggering your body to heal itself. Each person is an individual so the required remedy is as individual as you are. Homeopathy can be very useful for treating emotional and chronic complaints for each individual, and that can be in both adults and children.

Homeopathy is usually taken in small sugar pills. One pill is one dose. It can be put in water to be sipped all day, or taken and allowed to melt in the mouth. They are suitable for vegans. It is a very safe form of medication as it does not contain any of the original substance, only its energy. It triggers your body into a positive response.


Traditional homeopathic remedies

You may have heard of homeopathic remedies but not know what they are. Acute prescribing (for example a wasp sting or a cut finger) would usually be the same remedy for each person.

Arnica is probably the best known – great for bruising and bumps, along with many other uses. If you take Arnica after a bump – a child falling over and hitting his leg for instance, it will bring the bruise out quickly and then disappear, unlike leaving it which may take a week or so for the bruise to go.

Belladonna is great for fevers, anything red, hot and throbbing – fevers are good, they burn off the virus or bacteria, and so help promote a speedy recovery. Give this remedy to help the fever break.

Calendulla is a wonderful remedy for cuts, grazes etc. It can be made up into a spray bottle to administer or use internally.

Homeopathy has been around for 250 years. It was the main medicine of America before the drug companies made an appearance. Many countries use it very successfully alongside pharmaceutical drugs, or it is used as the main medicine in places like India. There is lots of research that proves its efficacy: https://www.hri-research.org/


At 6 months pregnant and struggling with a reoccurring throat infection, swollen throat glands and painful mouth ulcers all over my tongue, I had tried everything – from salt water to medication such as antibiotics. Using this combination of a remedy for little more than a week, the ulcers and throat issues disappeared after months of them not budging and never came back!


Case histories

Chronic prescribing is very different; I would take a detailed history with timeline of life events. Then with each appointment usually lasting 30–60 minutes we work through presenting complaints.

All people are individuals. Allopathic medicines treat everyone the same. All people with a particular issue would get the same treatment – that could be diabetes, heart issues, kidney problems and so on. With homeopathy you are treated on your symptoms. Someone with heart issues may also be getting palpitations or breathlessness, whereas someone else may have tingling fingers. With homeopathy, these two people would get different remedies as their diagnosis is effecting them differently. Each appointment may continue with a remedy as it is still doing its work. Similarly, if the symptoms change, so will the remedy.

Each individual person also has a certain constitution – their underlying self – which may also need help. Their vital force (what makes them, them) may be low, as in after an illness, or as the person gets old. A child usually has a strong vital force, so these factors have to be taken into account, too.

Homeopathy does not stop people from getting ill. We need to have illnesses to get rid of toxins in our bodies. It helps our body to deal with whatever the ailment is, not suppress it so it later becomes a chronic disease.


Children’s health

Homeopathy is wonderful for children. It is easy to take – I have even trained my grandchildren to know what they need – my 6 year old grandson knows the remedies for croup, he also knows what to take if he knocks himself. He only wants Nanny’s special balls!

It is also completely safe. If a child took a whole bottle of the remedy it would only be like taking one dose. As it is an energy medicine, the increase is in how often it is taken, and if it is not needed it cannot do anything. It triggers the body to heal itself.

Amazing results have been shown in babies, young children and animals. What’s more, they do not know what they are taking, so it cannot be attributed to a placebo effect.


My daughter – who was 18 months old at the time – was suffering from nightmares. They were so bad she was vomiting upon waking up from all the crying. She was waking up 4–5 times a night. Rene provided me with this combination of remedies and quickly we saw our daughter settle at night and go back to her usual sleeping pattern. If she did wake, she was calm and back to her usual self.


Flower remedies

These are again very gentle, made from the flowers left in alcohol to absorb the energy. They are then diluted in spring water. These are really useful in emotional situations. To make an initial appointment to discuss how homeopathy could support you and your family, please contact me.