Linda says….’

Rene has been instrumental in creating a positive birth experience for my second birth. She was very supportive and knowledgeable about birthing options and helped guide me into making the best birthing decision for me.

She helped me recover from the trauma of my first birth of an emergency c section with a birth rewind technique, which completely wiped the slate clean for my second birth and stopped any negative memories from my past birth haunting my second birth. As sceptical as I was about the technique, I now cannot recommend it enough. It left me feeling positive about the future and excited to meet baby.

Rene is incredibly intuitive and has a great listening ear. I felt I was being heard whenever I talked about my thoughts, decisions and emotions to do with my birth and my previous birth.

She has also been great in recommending other treatments for optimum birth positions and for recovery. The recovery treatments in particular worked better than the prescribed pain killers. She has continued to be helpful to me beyond the birth with valuable knowledge that I wouldn’t have got elsewhere and the convenience of her coming to my home, at a time that suits me, with a toddler in tow, was invaluable.’