Dean’s birth story

I recently had a really positive home birth experience with my son Dean. And I’m thrilled that not only was it a great birth in its own right, but that it was the polar opposite of my first birth which left me traumatised.

First time around we fell in to the common trap of “agreeing” to an induction in hospital at 41+5 for no reason other than being post-dates. This led on to a cascade of interventions over the next 4 days as my body just wasn’t ready – including 3 pessaries/gels, an epidural with the hormone drip, episiotomy and ventouse delivery.

Because of the trauma I felt relating to my first birth, my husband and I discussed getting some more support with my second pregnancy and birth. We considered doulas and private midwives and after careful consideration used our savings to appoint Rene Bozier, a local private midwife who came highly recommended. For us, this meant we could have continuity of care, as well as more antenatal and postnatal appointments and support than with the NHS. Most importantly it meant we had someone caring for us who knew us (and us her) and was experienced at supporting “normal” birth without interventions where possible.

While appointing Rene didn’t mean an intervention free birth was guaranteed, whatever happened this time, I knew I’d have an advocate and someone to interpret the hospital system for me if required. It also meant we weren’t automatically in the hospital system of induction conversations and debates about where we could give birth just because of gestation dates. The dream of a home birth in water, with a midwife I knew began!

Here’s an overview of some key features of Dean’s birth: