Amy says:

” We knew we wanted to try to have our first baby at home from quite early on and also believed that really getting to know and trust our midwives would be important for us. And so, having had good care from the NHS but having always seen different midwives (some of whom weren’t that supportive of home birth), we got in touch with Rene.

We are so glad we did! Rene’s advice and care turned my initial fears about pregnancy and birth into excitement and positivity. They took the time to get to know me and my husband, and to discuss all of our thoughts and questions (including questions that must have seemed slightly ridiculous!).

Despite being caught a bit off guard by baby’s early arrival, we were lucky to have the calm, natural home birth we wanted, and couldn’t have done that without Rene. The post natal care was also fantastic, and helped us carry that positivity and confidence from the birth through to our daughter’s first few weeks and months. We’re very grateful that we can look back on the whole experience with such joy and positivity. “