Rachel says

The current covid pandemic and a positive group b strep (GBS) result in my first pregnancy meant that a homebirth on the NHS was not going to be possible for our second baby. As soon as we spoke to Rene she immediately put our minds at ease regarding the management of GBS in pregnancy. Thanks to Rene’s experience (involving close monitoring of our son after birth) we were able to have the homebirth we hoped for and avoid the need for our son to have antibiotics. Postnatally I experienced problems with painful breastfeeding. Rene was incredibly thorough and persevered trying different things with us until our feeding improved. I am so grateful she was able to do the necessary tongue tie procedure so early which avoided long NHS waits. I never thought I would be able to breastfeed like I am now and that is thanks to Rene. Overall it was a great experience and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.