Homeopathy for birth trauma, by Sarah

The traumatic birth of James also took its toll on me personally, as I’d hoped for a natural birth but unfortunately after a very prolonged, difficult labour I had to have an emergency c-section.

I really struggled with that outcome, and how it had affected my son. When I ended up having another emergency c-section with my 2nd child I was again really devastated. This time I’d hoped for a natural home birth and had so hoped to right the wrongs of my first experience, so it hit me doubly hard. Rene gave me a homeopathic remedy which addressed the grief of losing the birth I wanted for me and my baby, and also for the invasion of the surgery on my body. Within 3 days I had totally accepted what had happened and have not shed a tear since. This has been extraordinary and such a huge gift. I have been able to focus entirely on my beautiful baby rather than feeling disappointment and hurt. The time it took to feel accepting and content was incredible – days compared to years for my first child.

Thank you so much Rene for making such a huge difference to me and my family, and with remedies that are entirely natural. I can’t recommend homeopathy enough.

Before meeting Rene I had never used homeopathy and didn’t know much about it, but Rene happened to be at my house when my 2 year old son James woke screaming from a nightmare. I explained to her that he’d been suffering from recurring nightmares since birth and it was truly heartbreaking to watch him crying in his sleep.

Rene recommended a homeopathic remedy that would deal with the difficult birth James suffered and sent some to me. I was stunned that within a week of taking the remedy, he stopped getting these awful nightmares and 6 months on, they have never come back. The way Rene cured him was miraculous as he’d been suffering for two years, and I’m so thankful.