Malin says…….

I decided to start homeopathic treatment with Rene after a particularly bad time with my health due to constant stomach issues (I was diagnosed with IBS and then also suspected Bile Acid Malabsorption). It has been the most eye-opening journey where I have not just been given medication as a plaster to take care of the symptoms but really delved into why they are happening in the first place from within with tailored remedies each month to support this process. Peeling the layers of the onion as Rene would say! Our sessions quickly evolved from talking about my stomach to my emotional and physical state and it is now thanks to Rene that I feel strong enough to go one step further and continue in my journey for a more at peace body and mind. Rene has always made me feel secure enough to express how I feel without judgement and with empathy. Thank you so much!